Because great wine,
should be enjoyed.

Foot of the bed started on the love of great wine and the belief that enjoying it shouldn't be overwhelming.

How it Works

We Source barrel illustration

We Source

Each month we scour the West Coast to find the latest and greatest in small-production, sustainable-crafted wines.

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We Select

We taste, learn, and sample, landing on 2 selections we'd like to feature for the month.

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We Bottle

From there, we buy straight from the producers, and bottle ourselves to ensure high speed and quality.



You Customize

Each month you'll choose what breakdown of our featured wines you'd like to receive.

Foot Of The Bed package illustration

You Receive

Delivered straight to your door, your 3 bottles arrive ready to enjoy!

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You Enjoy!

Uncork and unwind to high-quality wine, at a pricepoint you'll love.

Ready to give it a try?

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How does the wine club work?
Members receive a box of 3 bottles each month for a total of $49. We'll let you know what the selections are ahead of time, and you can mix and match to your preference between the red and white. The wines change each month, and shipping is $14.99 in California and $19.99 to the rest of the country. We also offer prepaid options of 3, 6, and 12 months with some discounts built in, as well as corporate cases for great wine in the office at a $12/bottle price.
If I select 2 reds, and 1 white -- what will I receive?
You'll receive 2 bottles of the same red, and 1 of the white selection.
What if I'm traveling for a month or have wine piling up?
There's no commitment required, and members are free to start and stop at any frequency they choose.
How do you choose the wines?
Each month, we scour the West Coast for the latest and greatest from our existing network of over 75 producers, as well as some fresh new faces. We aim to provide the best value, and are frequently working with lesser known varietals from lesser known growing areas. Stop playing the grocery store guessing game and trust the expert!
What if I don't like a selection?
Let us know! We so value your feedback, and we'll get you something else more suited to your tastes. Please email us at
So do you make the wine?
We don't. We partner with two new producers each month. We buy finished wine from them, get it in bottle, and release it to the membership under our label.
Why do the wineries work with you?
Aside from being awesome, wineries work with us for a host of reasons. Most producers carry inventory, and we offer a quick way for them to bring in some cash flow and free up cellar space. Some producers work with us on an annual basis, and working with us at the fruit contracting stage helps them achieve savings through the increased quantities. Others just like our ethos and want to be a part of an innovative idea in an at-times staid space.
What if I like a wine and want to buy more of it?
Inventory permitting, members can purchase additional wine from our Library Selections. However, we are fully transparent about who we work with, and would love for you to purchase directly from the amazing folks we work with and tell them we sent you :)
Why Foot of the Bed Cellars?
Luc made a barrel of wine in his Haight Ashbury apartment in 2013, and the barrel aged at the literal foot of his bed. They called it Foot of the Bed Red, and when we started this business, that was the name we kept coming back to. Truth in advertising!
I have other questions
Drop us a line at We're always happy to hear from you.