Three Bridges Syrah

Three Bridges Syrah
October 2021 Release

Enjoy the fruits of our first grape to bottle winemaking labor. This 2018 Sonoma Mountain Syrah from the organically farmed Feingold Vineyard is packed with bright red fruit and refreshing acidity. It is medium bodied, and carries plenty of smoky, meaty aromas as well. Our hands-off approach to winemaking means this wine is already showing incredibly well. 

We are thrilled to have partnered with local artist Jon Fischer to feature a series of three hand printed labels on our bottles. Each bottle features a nautical map of one of the three bridges we crossed on harvest day (Golden Gate, Richmond, and Bay Bridges), with a compass arrow pointing due west. Jon's day job is as a professor at California Maritime Academy, and we loved combining his knowledge of screen printing and Bay Area geography in crafting these labels.

We have 100 hand-printed sets of 3 bottles. Jon has also produced a lovely handdrawn map of Bay Area coastline water features, to be included in your 3-pack.